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How To Find A Mentor

getting-a-mentorA mentor is any individual whom you have admiration for, with proper guidance a mentor can coach an individual, turning them into accomplished apprentices of their choice to paths, of greatness unattainable even to them. It’s a voluntary relationship that requires dedication and commitment on either sides, but mostly from the part of the apprentice. So exactly how does one succeed in finding a mentor?

This article is meant for any reader who wishes to know, how to be successful in finding a mentor. Read on to get the necessary tips to make your desires materialize in the shortest time possible.

1. Decide on the roles your mentor should play-knowing the needs you would specifically want to be addressed in a specific subject matter or specific area; is the first step in the journey you would like to embark on. Soul search yourself and brainstorm by asking yourself personal questions such as the following:

· What you would like to know in specific areas of interests?

· What you’re hoping to get from your mentor?

· What will the mentor ship be like at face value?

· How much time should you spend, meeting with the mentor?

2. Create a list of possible candidates to choose from-depending on your needs and preferences select the best suited individuals who would inspire you to achieving your hearts desires. Things to look out for in a mentor should include:

· Qualities that you find desirable and you wouldn’t mind emulating. Get in touch with potential candidates through writing to set up meetings.

· If you lucky to be in a school that has a mentor ship program, feel free to take advantage of such opportunities, if and when your goals are likely to be met.

3. Take time to envision what you say-It will really help to get the right mindset in knowing how you to approach that potent candidate. Take a subtle approach in establishing contact with them. Be sure to be:

· Very specific to as per what you want. This helps not to scare them off.

· Give the right impression of how they are going to be help to you.

4. Start the hunt for your mentor- by carefully considering all the candidates, who made it to your list. Work out all your choices as you exhaust all the available options till you find your right pick. It’s not guaranteed to be easy :

· Giving up hope at this point may not do you any good, even if you aren’t successful on your first attempt

5. Set up plans to meet- meeting the individuals in person is very important.
It gives you the opportunity to :

· Get to know more about them

· Helps you build a healthy working relationship

· Enables you earn their trust and if you’re lucky, there commitment as well in ensuring you get the best as an apprentice.

Following through the above guidelines not only gives a fair chance in winning the trust of an already accomplished , But builds in your confidence that will enable you go, through the mentor ship program with determination of getting the best out of your mentor.

I really like this youtube video of Tai Lopez and his ideas on finding a great mentor:

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