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Common Refrigerator and Freezer Problems That Require a Repairman

Your refrigerator or freezer is an essential appliance that you cannot live without. When it stops working properly, probably you will lose some food stuff that is very susceptible to going bad if not stored in the appliance. However, if you have phone contact of a repairman near you, you can call him and get the freezer repaired as quickly as possible. There are standard refrigerator and freezer problems that most people experience, which in turn require appliance repair to get fixed. Therefore, check these six common problems.

1. Noisy

Noisy freezer or refrigerator indicates that condenser and evaporator fan motors may be the cause of the problem. Condenser fan cools by circulating air the coil and the drain pan, and it runs simultaneously with the evaporator motor and compressor. If your refrigerator is producing the loud noise, contact a repairman to fix the problem, because it may not be cooling properly.

2. Leakages

Damaged water inlet valve, door gaskets or seals, or the ice maker can be the cause of leakages. The water inlet valve connects the water supply to the appliance if you have a water dispenser or ice maker. If the gaskets are faulty, excessive moisture will be created, leading to water leakages and defrost problems. If any these are damaged, an appliance repair company is a final answer to solve the problem.

3. Start Problems

If your refrigerator is not starting, it means fans will not run, implying a faulty temperature control. Some freezers come with electronic control board to monitor temperature, as well as controlling the compressor, defrost and fan system. Wrong control board could be the cause of inability to start. Such issues need a repairman to restore the normalcy to the appliance.

4. Malfunctioning Ice Maker

This problem is noticed when the ice maker cannot make ice. The issue can be solved by hiring a repairman to inspect if the water systems are working properly. These include water inlet valve, water fill tubes, ice and water filter, and ice maker.

5. When Appliance Is Too Warm

When you notice the refrigerator is too hot, air inlet damper might be faulty. Air damper balances air flow from the evaporator fan, and the cold air entering the compartment is controlled by this device. If it is damaged, inadequate cold air flows into the food compartment, leading to unexpected higher temperatures. Therefore, a repairman is needed as soon as possible.

6. Inability To Dispense water

In a situation when water dispenser fails to dispense water, it means water inlet valve and dispenser actuator are not working properly. Contact an appliance repairman to handle the problem.

Some of the challenges are not too complex, and some homeowners may fix them. However, attempting to tackle the repair work may cause further damage to the appliance if you are not skilled enough. Therefore, it is advisable to hire a professional technician to work on the repair job.

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