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Tips For Backpacking Across Europe

Backpacking across Europe as an excellent way to get away from everything and see the best sights of the old world. The trip of a lifetime can be had for anybody on a budget and under cost with the correct and proper planning. Tips for backpacking across Europe, and under budget are here to help even the cheapest of travelers have the backpacking trip of a lifetime.

backpackersAvoid Touristy Attractions

Tourist traps are meant to draw you in and can cost a lot of money. Taking stock of what the locals do daily and watching where they go and how they can save you a ton of cash. Not only that but, finding local fare is part of the traveling experience.

Have A Group

Backpacking is a truly a unique adventure. Why not share it with a panel of friends that will make your friendship bond even tighter for the rest of your lives? Not only can a backpacking trip make lifelong relationships, but it is also much safer to travel with a group than it is to go alone. Groups are far less likely to be targeted by Scammers and thieves. Groups are also a great trick to saving money.

Find The Local Liquor Store

Bars clubs and restaurants will see you coming a mile away.Often establishments near tourist destinations will have inflated prices. Prices that are often boosted even more when the operators see you coming. An excellent way to avoid overpaying and saving on the wallet while still having a good time is to shop at the local liquor store for your evening nightcap. Liquor stores will save a ton of money for you and your group.

Thieves Are Everywhere

Be vigilant for the scam artists, thieves, and pickpockets who are in every city and every country. Often the one instance when you are not vigilant of others around you, is when you will be targeted. Keep financial resources and Identification close to your body instead of in an exterior pocket.

Avoid Taxi’s

Taxi’s and cabs will cost a bundle, especially if the driver knows that you are unaware of the area. Drivers, especially in a foreign country, will take advantage of a tourist by taking you on a scenic route which could cost you a lot more in the long run. Walking will save a bundle Buying a public transportation pass will also save you a ton in the long term.

Hostels Are Cheap

Hostels in Europe are a dime a dozen, located everywhere, and are very affordable. Use the kitchen to prepare meals for days in advance, and in-between camp hostel stays to maximize funds while still having a comfortable trip.

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