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About Jax

I’m Jax. This is my blog.

My real name is Jack Symes, but all my friends have been calling me Jax since about the third grade. Now, since you’re here, I’ll consider you a friend until you prove otherwise. So you can call me Jax.


I’m just a normal dude living in Los Angeles who grew up in San Luis Obispo.

Though I like a lot of things, I’m most interested in helping others, growing my graphic design business, taking beautiful pictures, and doubling down on my personal development.

I hope to share my findings and sources for the things I find most interesting such as: willpower, motivation, success principles, habit formation and success with women.

If you’re into any of the above topics, I’d sure love for you to stay around and see what sorts of blog posts I could inspire you with.

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope to bring value to your life so you can bring value to others.


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